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Alabama 7A Football & Alabama 6A Football
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Pos Player Name Ht/Wt Class High School Video Offers
QB Mason Mims 6-3/200 2025 Oxford 6A   Yes Verbal commit to Louisville
QB Trent Seaborn 6-0/178 2027 Thompson 7A   Yes Alabama, Texas, Auburn
QB Jared Hollins 6-3/178 2024 Mary-Montg 7A   Yes Signed with South Alabama
QB Josh Flowers 6-2/205 2024 Baker 7A   Yes Signed with Arkansas State
QB Roman Gagliano 6-3/210 2024 Opelika 6A   Yes Signed with Middle Tennessee
QB Zach Sims 6-2/185 2024 Thompson 7A   Yes Signed with Alabama State
QB KJ Lacey 5-11/165 2025 Saraland 6A   Yes Verbal commit to Texas
QB Terrell Russell 6-0/170 2025 Carver Senior 7A Central Michigan
RB Derrick DJ Butler 6-0/185 2024 Davidson 7A   Yes Signed with Houston
RB Kevin Riley 5-11/195 2024 Tuscaloosa Co 7A   Yes Signed with Alabama
RB Santae McWilliams 5-7/174 2025 Saraland 6A Arkansas, Arkansas State, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Liberty
RB Zach Simmons 5-10/180 2024 Central-PC 7A   Yes Signed with Western Kentucky
RB AJ Green 5-9/190 2024 Thompson 7A   Yes Alabama State, Jacksonville State, Southeast Missouri State, Arkansas St
RB Cole Gamble 6-2/200 2024 Mountain Brook 6A New Mexico St, Samford, UAB
WR Dylan Upshaw 5-11/175 2025 Central-PC 7A Auburn, Cincinnati, Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech
WR Tristan Norman 6-0/155 2025 Carver Senior 6A Alabama State, Arkansas State, Cincinnati
WR Reggie Jackson 6-3/190 2025 Spain Park 6A
WR Cam Coleman 6-3/190 2024 Central-PC 7A   Yes Signed with Auburn
WR Perry Thompson 6-4/207 2024 Foley   Yes Signed with Auburn
WR Jaylen Mbakwe 5-11/170 2024 Clay-Chalkville 6A   Yes Signed with Alabama
WR Ryan Williams 6-0/170 2025 Saraland 6A   Yes Verbal commit to Alabama
WR Mario Craver 5-11/165 2024 Clay-Chalkville 6A   Yes Signed with Mississippi State
WR Dillon Alfred 6-0/178 2025 Saraland 6A   Yes Tennessee, Mississippi St, Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, Penn St, Texas A&M
WR Malcolm Simmons 6-0/160 2024 Ben Russell 6A Signed with Auburn
WR Duece Oliver 5-10/165 2024 Thompson 7A   Yes
WR Bryce Cain 5-11/170 2024 Baker 7A Signed with Auburn
WR Jordan Woolen 6-0/160 2024 Hoover 7A Signed with Georgia Southern
TE Donovan Price 6-3/230 2024 H-Trussville 7A
TE JaCorey Whitted 6-5/253 2024 McAdory 6A Signed with Mississippi State
OL Mal Waldrep 6-5/290 2025 Central-PC 7A Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Colorado
OL Spencer Dowland 6-6/290 2025 Athens 6A Verbal commit to Auburn
OL William Sanders 6-3/290 2024 Brookwood 6A Signed with Alabama
OL Watts Alexander 6-4, 260 2024 Mountain Brook 6A Cornell, Samford, Richmond, N Mexico State
OL JacQawn McRoy 6-8/365 2024 Clay-Chalkville 6A Signed with Oregon
DL Jaylen Brown 6-5/260 2024 James Clemens 7A Signed with Missouri
  K Towns McGough 6-0/190 2024 Auburn 7A Signed with Auburn
  K John Alan McGuire Thompson 7A   Yes
DL E'Mauri Smiley 6-3/240 2025 Opelika 7A Marshall, UAB
DL Caleb Smith 6-5/235 2025 Parker 6A App State, Louisville, Georgia Tech, West Virginia
DL Nikolas Alston 6-3/260 2025 Thompson 7A App State, Colorado, Gerogia Tech, Troy, UAB
DL Jared Smith 6-6/230 2025 Thompson 7A Louisville, Alabama, Auburn, Colorado, Florida
DL Christopher Johnson 6-3/255 2025 Lee-MGM 7A Tennessee State, West Virginia
DL Jordan Ross 6-4/230 2024 Vestavia Hills 7A Signed with Tennessee
DL Micah Hampton 2024 Hoover
DL Malik Blocton 6-2/268 2024 Pike Road 6A Signed with Auburn
DL Jourdin Crawford 6-1/280 2025 Parker 6A Verbal commit to Auburn
DL Malik Autry 6-6/280 2025 Opelika 7A Verbal commit to Auburn
DL Antonio Coleman 6-2/285 2025 Saraland 6A   Yes Verbal commit to Auburn
DL Isaia Faga 6-2/275 2024 Central-PC 7A Signed with Alabama
DL Kevin Norwood 6-3/290 2024 Theodore 6A Signed with Troy
LB Makel Green 6-2/205 2025 Central-PC 7A
LB Latori Williams 6-2/202 2024 Central-PC 7A   Yes Tuskegee, UT Martin, 
LB Sterling Dixon 6-3/211 2024 Spanish Fort 6A Verbal commit to Alabama
LB Jalin Edwards 6-3/230 2024 Grissom 7A Navy, Air Force, UAB, Middle Tennessee, Austin Peay, Alcorn State
LB D'Angelo Barber 6-0/221 2024 Clay-Chalkville 6A Signed with Auburn
LB Demarcus Riddick 6-2/211 2024 Chilton County 6A Signed with Auburn
LB Jeremiah Beaman 6-4/265 2024 Parker 6A Signed with Alabama
LB Bradley Shaw 6-1/216 2024 Hoover 7A Signed with Arkansas
LB Jamison Curtis 6-1/210 2024 Saraland 6A   Yes Signed with Vanderbilt
LB Cole McConathy 6-5/225 2024 Spanish Fort 6A Signed with Miama
LB Eric Winters 6-2/200 2025 Enterprise 7A Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech
DB Na'eem Offord 6-1/185 2025 Parker 6A Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Colorado
DB Tomothy Merritt 6-2/180 2025 Parker 6A Arkansas, Auburn
DB Jeremiah Alvis 6-1/182 2025 Helena 6A Duke, Georgia Tech, Middle Tennessee, Mississippi State
DB Michael Igbinoghene 5-10/175 2025 Hewitt-Trussville 7A Arkansas, Florida State, Mississippi, UAB, Central Florida
DB Dre Kirkpatrick, Jr. 6-0/192 2024 Gadsden City 6A Signed with Alabama
DB Rydarrius Morgan 6-0/175 2024 Central-PC 7A   Yes Signed with Alabama
DB Jiquan Sanks 6-0/175 2024 Central-PC 7A   Yes Signed with Cincinnati
DB Kaleb Harris 6-1/190 2024 Thompson 7A   Yes Signed with Auburn
DB Ethan Ridley 6-1/200 2026 H Trussville 7A UAB
DB Cameron Pruitt 6-3/187 2024 Theodore 6A Verbal commit to Miami
DB Travaris Banks 6-1/195 2024 Hillcrest-Tusc 6A Signed with Ole Miss
DB Jayden Coleman 5-10/178 2024 Central-PC 7A   Yes Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia State, Indiana
DB Tevis Metcalf 5-10/175 2024 Clay-Chalkville 6A Signed with Arkansas
DB Keion Dunlap 6-1/190 2024 Enterprise 7A Signed with Troy
DB Anquon Fegans 6-1/180 2025 Thompson 7A   Yes Alabama, USC, Auburn, Texas

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